Starters/Light bites.
Scottish breaded mushrooms, side salad and garlic mayo. £6.95(GF)(V)
Salt and pepper squid chunks, side salad, sweet chilli dip. £6.95
Smoked haddock fishcake, side salad, sweet chilli dip £7.50(GF)
Duck spring rolls, side salad and hoisin sauce. £7.50
Beef lasagne, served with side salad and garlic bread. £10.95
Whitby breaded scampi, garden peas and chips. £10.95
Dartmoor farmers 8oz beef burger, side salad, onion rings,
Brioche bun, coleslaw and chips. £11.50
Duo of ‘Cox and Laflin’ butchers’ sausages, gravy, garden peas,
Served with either mashed potato or chips £11.75
Battered cod and chips, garden peas and chips. £11.95
Home cooked ham in Devon scrumpy,
brace of eggs and chips. £11.95(GF)
Vegetable lasagne, served with side salad and garlic bread. £10.95(V)
Spicy bean burger, goats’ cheese, brioche bun, side salad,
coleslaw and onion ring and fries. £11.50(V)
Chicken Tikka masala, Basmati rice and naan bread. £10.50

Seafood Tapas sharer.
Panko squid rings, Breaded butterfly prawns, battered cod pieces, Salt and pepper squid chunks, Whitby breaded scampi, Dips, side salad, coleslaw, bread and butter and fries £14.50

Lighter bites/kids meals

Battered cod and chips with garden peas £6.95 ‘Cox and Laflin’ sausage, mash and garden peas. £6.95
Whitby breaded scampi, garden peas and chips. £6.95
Beef lasagne, garlic bread and side salad. £6.95

Mexican chicken and melted mature cheddar £7.95
Goats cheese and red onion, with red onion chutney. £7.95 (V)
Ham, brie and chutney. £7.95
Melted mature cheddar and tomato. £7.95 (V)
Spicy pulled pork and apple sauce. £7.95
Roast beef and horseradish. £7.95

All paninis are served with coleslaw, side salad and a handful of fries.

Dauphinoise potatoes £2.95.
Chips £2.80. Cheesy chips £2.95
Fries £2.80. Cheesy fries £2.95
Garlic bread £2.80. Cheesy garlic bread £2.95
Onion rings £2.80. Baked beans £1.95.
Coleslaw £2.00

Please let a member of staff know if you have any allergies


Toffee and honeycomb cheesecake served with
Cornish sea salt caramel ice cream £5.95
Strawberry and cream Roulade
served with orange sorbet (GF)£5.95
Chocolate brownie with honeycomb hash ice cream. (GF) £5.95
Chocolate melt pudding with vanilla ice cream. £5.95
Sticky toffee pudding with custard. £5.95
Sweet of the day.
Chocolate Sundae, cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce and Maltesers.
Ice cream £1.95 per scoop
Choice of: Strawberry, honeycomb, chocolate, rum and raisin, vanilla and
Cornish sea salt caramel.
Sorbet £1.90 per scoop
Choice of: Mango, Blood orange, Passion fruit and lemon.
Cafetière of coffee for 1 £2.50
Cafetière of coffee for 2 £4.50
Pot of Tea for 1 £2.50
Pot of tea for 2 £4.50
Mug of Hot chocolate. £3.50
Flavoured teas are available per cup. £2.75

Please let a member of staff know if you have any allergies.